Our Courses

Here at the Bristol Improv Theatre, we believe that learning should be fun, inclusive and holistic. We appreciate that people find Improv from many different avenues and so we have created a training programme that is as flexible as it is extensive. 

While our courses are designed for progressive skill building, there is no mandatory path through or a set A to B. You will get to chart your own map. So, if you are a complete beginner it means that once you are off the starting blocks with our tasters or our Discovering course there are no hurdles to jump before you can move on. You will work with our instructors who will support you to find your best next steps. You can follow your favourite content upwards and beyond, retrace steps if you feel you wish to revisit the basics or spring into higher levels of content that you feel comfortable with from previous learning. 

All in all our Theatre School courses aim to give everyone a total immersion into the world of improv. Our regular courses are the bones of what we do, they are also heaps of fun; they can offer personal growth and the forging of new friendships.