Workplace and Applied Improv Training


based training

Are you looking for some workplace based training or team building activities with a difference?

Improvisation-based training in the workplace is a fun and accessible way to build on core business skills including:

Communication and collaboration

Active listening


Creative problem solving

Excelling under pressure

These are the ‘soft’ skills which won’t be taught in an MBA but make a huge difference to your success!

In improv,

we arrive on the stage with nothing prepared

This might seem a little daunting, however, we know that the rest of the team will support and build on any idea we suggest. These skills lead us to create shows that can entertain an audience for hours. They also happen to be the foundation of teams who are able to adapt and embrace change, communicate well and innovate. It’s fun, accessible and laughter is guaranteed!

The Bristol Improv Theatre have delivered bespoke training and activities for law firms, universities, schools, charities, supermarket chains, the civil service and recruitment consultants.

Hundreds of students have benefited from the safe and empowering learning environment provided through The Bristol Improv Theatre’s supportive team.

If you would like to make an enquiry about workplace or applied improv training, please get in touch to find out more.



Imogen Palmer is former Theatre School Manager and lead instructor of The Bristol Improv Theatre, with over a decade of performing and training in improvised theatre and comedy.


Stephen Brown is a business psychologist, improviser and executive coach with over a decade’s experience in psychology and business

'Bristol Improv Theatre ran an activity as part of an away day I was co-facilitating for a sustainability consultancy firm. The client wanted a fun and interactive session that was also directly relevant to their work - something to get everyone mixing and safely out of their comfort zones. Ahead of time some participants had expressed nervousness about improvisation, however, the Bristol Improv Theatre team put everyone at ease straight-away and everyone got involved. I was impressed with the level of engagement and by how the facilitators modelled the communication and interpersonal skills they were inviting us all to practise – especially when it came to experimenting with taking risks that participants might not otherwise take in front of each other. I would recommend Bristol Improv Theatre activities or training for anyone looking for something that develops relationship-building skills in an engaging and fun way'.

James Barlow, Beechlight

'Working with the Bristol Improv Theatre on designing a bespoke series of workshops titled ‘Improvisation Skills for Teaching’ has been such a pleasure. They took time to find out what we needed, and their delivery was outstanding. Over 95% of attendees described the sessions (which were all delivered online) as 'Extremely Useful' or 'Very useful' making it our best received academic development course of the year.

 They also ran a social for our staff team which proved lots of fun during a really stressful time. There's nothing like an improv games night to get everyone laughing and connecting with each other.

 I highly recommend working with Bristol Improv Theatre, whether you are another higher education institution, business or company. Improv has so much to teach us about communication, interaction and cultivating healthy workplaces.  Thank you BIT!'

 Dr Petia Petrova, Associate Director of Academic Practice, UWE-Bristol



If you would like to make an enquiry about workplace or applied improv training, please get in touch to find out more.



If you would like to make an enquiry about coaching opportunities for an individual or performance group, please get in touch to find out more.