Vlog Episode #4: Three! Minute! Tour!

With the renovations due to start in January 2017, we take a quick tour around the current Bristol Improv Theatre, its planned changes and its future funky electro-swing soundtrack. www.buildthebit.com

Practice Answers

This re-edited article is based on another article originally posted 23rd March 2015. There is a question associated with improv that I have been asked thousands of times. I’ve been asked this… Read more »

Looking Backwards: Part Three

We’ve had the builders in this week, with plenty of measuring-up, drain-prodding, head-scratching and sucking-of-teeth. With all the new facilities, programming, planning and permits, it’s beginning to really hit home how much of… Read more »

Looking Backwards: Part One

We’re almost a week into our fundraising campaign and rapidly approaching our first milestone of £10,000. Thank you to everyone who has pitched in so far – keep telling your… Read more »

What Comes First?

The “Build The BIT” campaign is gathering an exciting pace, and its twists and turns are already delighting us. Early donor Jason Buckley gets our first cocktail, the ‘PhilosophyMan’, while Drew… Read more »

Bit Unzipped

Hopefully, by now you’ve heard the good news. It’s all very exciting: the UK’s first permanent improv theatre, here, in Bristol! Even typing out in the open seems very strange… Read more »