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Whether you’re an actor looking to add a new string to your bow, a ‘not-even-the-school-nativity’ stage-phobe wanting to build your confidence, or you simply want to add some spontaneity, creativity and laughter to your life, The Bristol Improv Theatre has got a class for you.

The Bristol Improv Theatre School’s work and training is based in theatrical narrative long-form, using an approach that has been built from training with improv masters and practitioners from all over the world, their own experiments over years of teaching, and discoveries from performing improv and theatre professionally.

Using engaging stories from their experience, they teach students how to make spontaneous, creative, and collaborative theatre come to life.


Which is the Right Course for me?

  • I've never done improv before

Discovering Improv is an introduction to improvisation aimed at absolute beginners - no experience required! 

We also run monthly Improv Taster Sessions, aimed at beginners, for anyone who wants to get a taste of our classes without committing to a full course.

Our weekly Improv Drop-ins are mixed ability and open to everyone - beginners are welcome, but should prepare for a bit of a challenge.

  • I've done a little bit of improv before / I have some performance experience outside of Improv

Intro to Performing Improv is an introduction to improvisation as a performance artform, aimed at beginners. 

Our Improv Drop-ins run with a mixed-ability group and are a great way to get experience working with lots of different improvisers.

  • I'm looking to enhance my performance skills and take the next step in my improv journey

Performing Improv Level 1 introduces you to the fundamentals of improvised performance. There are four Level 1 courses and each course approaches performing improvisation through a different lens and teaches you a new set of skills.

Performing Improv Level 2 focuses on developing and honing your skills and knowledge with more detailed feedback from our experienced instructors.

The Improv Gym is a session focused on practicing and building your skills, with constructive critique available from the instructor to help you reach your goals.

  • I can't commit to a longer course right now

Our Improv Drop-ins and The Improv Gym are weekly one-off sessions - perfect for squeezing an evening of improv into a busy schedule without missing out.

If you'd like to attend any of our courses but find the cost a barrier to access, please check out our Pay It Forward Scheme.


Intro to Performing Improv


Improv Taster Sessions


Improv Taster Sessions


Improv Taster Sessions



The Bristol Improv Theatre offer bespoke coaching opportunities for individuals and groups in which you can focus on and develop a range of improv formats, styles and skills.

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Find out more about The Bristol Improv Theatre’s incredible team of improv instructors.