Meet Your American Longform Teams!

Our highly popular American Longform Night is back! Three of the best longform groups in Bristol will be presenting three completely different formats in one amazing night. To get to know the teams and all about their chosen formats, read on!

Pretty Flower – Performed by Up The Antics 

Our group has been performing together for over a decade, so you can imagine we’ve been through a lot of improv styles, formats and genres! 

We began by just practising improv games as a way to get to know each other. We also briefly devised our own narrative show “Seeking Nigel”, before we discovered chicago-style longform improv. 

The focus on creating improvised sketches really complement our group’s other pursuit as a written sketch group. We tried a couple of formats before landing on the “monoscene”, an improvised show where it all takes place in one location. It’s subtly different from a “one-act play” as there’s still a focus on finding a series of comedic sketches within the location, rather than a focus on the story, even though the story will always emerge naturally! 

Eventually, we grew frustrated at being stuck in one location and introduced tags to be able to take our characters elsewhere before returning to the original “base” scene. We love it and we get to see a relationship unfold, with lots of fun had within the tag runs. 

If you’re interested in seeing a monoscene or pretty flower, I recommend checking out “Death by Roo Roo” or “What I did for Love” on Youtube, or coming to see us on Saturday!

The Armando – Performed by The House Armando Team 

The House Armando Team is a loose name for the collection of improvisers who come together when the Improv Theatre needs them most, and performs the hilarious armando format! 

Originated by Armando Diaz, this format takes its inspiration from an improvised monologue usually given by a guest. Often a stand-up comic or an expert in a given field will give the monologue, and then the improvisers will take “premises” or elements from the monologue to inspire a series of improvised sketches and scenes 

One of the most famous examples is UCB’s ASSSSSCAT shows, which you can watch on YouTube. They’re hilarious and you’ll probably recognise a lot of actors albeit quite a lot younger

On Saturday, we’ll see people from groups like Last Day on Earth, The Groundhogs and Jazz Police all come together for a great collaborative show!

The Epilogue – Performed by Birdwatchers

In their original “epilogue” format, Birdwatchers explore the present and past of 2 characters reminiscing together. The exploratory flashbacks combine comedic elements, heartfelt scenes, and absolutely ridiculous moments that are sure to make you laugh and think that maybe your own family isn’t that weird after all.

Birdwatchers is performed by Anna Kemp (This Is Your Musical, Last Day on Earth, Detect This) and Paige Tummons (Jazz Police, The Unscripted Players). They recently supported Bareback Kings and won Improv Cagematch in 2019 

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