5 reasons to come and see “This Your Musical”.

Our smashing work placement student Holly has been at it again, writing another fabulous blog post, this time about the equally fabulous ‘This Is Your Musical’. Read on to find out what she thought and why you should come along to their next show!

I went to see the This Is Your Musical Christmas Special recently. With no solid idea of what to expect, I was in for a treat. Heading into the bar for a tasty mulled cider, I quickly saw that the bar area was full to the brim with stirring audience members: an immediately great sign. The cast bounced on stage, calling for the audience to screw up their paper pre-written prompts based on the weirdest thing that has happened to them at Christmas. A cast member randomly selected “I stole Santa’s KitKat” and after a few brief questions asking the writer of the prompt about their life, an extraordinary hour-long musical was instantly born.

Here are some reasons why you should come and see this show next time around:

  1. You Love Musicals!
    If you’re a stickler for a musical, you’ll love this fabulous show. The cast is accompanied by an incredible drummer and keyboardist, who immediately produce an array of fantastic music, from emotional ballad-style songs to fast-paced, dramatic moments of tension, to jolly resolutions, enhanced by the live lighting director. The cast themselves bring the show to life, collaborating in an instant with simple prompts to create wonderous solos, duets and group pieces.

2. You Hate Musicals!

Not everyone is a fan of impromptu songs in theatre. But this show is an anomaly that you’ll definitely enjoy. It almost mocks the clichés of a musical by finding melodic harmonies on the spot, trying to say the same lyrics at the same time and the unconventional scenes that you wouldn’t typically see in a musical. The Christmas special followed the strange plotline of a toxic work relationship in a Patent law firm, with the protagonist pressured to steel KitKat leading to Santa’s near death, luckily being saved by a father’s unappreciated sweet treats. If you are one for broken conventions, then this show is a must-see.

3. You’re Unpredictable!
Who knows what you’re going to do next? You will appreciate the spontaneous development of the musical scenes. In the recent show I saw, Santa finds himself dying in a patent law firm but is rescued by a father’s recipe of sugary treats and sings a song with the vague motto “Because Santa”. Thinking about it, visiting every child in the world, and expecting a snack is bound to give you diabetes.

4. You want your very own musical!
If fate so calls, your prompts could be chosen, and your bizarre life experiences could make it to the stage without having to spend years writing and pitching ideas and spending copious amounts of money. If your pitch doesn’t make the first half, you could be selected for short scenes in the second half. One couple witnessed their first date come to life in romantic song form with the added physical comedy of filling each other’s mouths with doughballs at inappropriate moments. Why not take a friend to potentially see your relationship or memories become musical artistry?

5. You just love a laugh!

A simple reason, but a great one nonetheless. This random aspect of the show guarantees hilarious moments that click into place whilst still seeming bizarre. A personal highlight in the Christmas special was the protagonist’s father making his wife live in the garden so he could feel alone and sorry for himself, which then led to the patching up of his relationship with his daughter. To close the show, the cast mashed together several different classic Christmas songs suggested by the audience until they sang the lyrics in unison: “It’s cold outside for virgin Santa, let him in”.

You’ve probably been persuaded now to come check out this incredible show and if you’re disheartened that you missed the Christmas special, fear not as the show returns monthly from January 2024, less festive but just as spectacular!

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