Shit Art Club

Saturday 11th June

11:00 – 12:00

Ever wanted to be an artist, but worried that you’ll need years of training? FEAR NOT! Welcome to Sh*t Art Club, the only art club where you make bad art… on purpose.

Let our eccentric host lead you through creative warm ups, exercises and more until you find yourself staring at the worst piece of art you’ve ever made in this interactive and immersive show. Suitable for adults. Unsuitable for established artists. The perfect blend of a cultured art workshop with the absurdity of an interactive comedy show. Art meets comedy, not to be confused with ‘sketch comedy’.

“I thought I knew everything about art until today” – Matt Eece

“putting the ‘art’ into ‘i made a terrible piece of art'” BankC

“I finally know where to draw people’s noses” Pickasso

This is an hour long comedy art workshop where you will produce terrible art.

Materials to make your terrible art will be provided.

The bar will be open after the event for you to socialise and share your art with each other.

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