5-Day Advanced Improv Intensive with Katy Schutte

Monday 22nd August – Friday 26th August

10:00 – 17:00

Shake your improv up, make new friends, double-down on your skills and pick up some new ones.

This advanced improv intensive will help you rebuild your basic skills and connect with your new team, as well as pushing your work to a higher level. The emphasis will always be on joy, fun and playing safely. 

We’ll find different ways into relationship, dialogue, staging, and object work. We’ll experiment with ensemble, super-agreement and found formats.

The intensive training will culminate with using Katy’s original time-loop performance format ‘Groundhog Play’ to practice narrative storytelling, character point of view and ensemble awareness. The group will have the opportunity to share their skills on stage at Bristol Improv Theatre on the Friday night. 

You’ll receive personal notes (if you want them) to continue your learning beyond the intensive week.

“I took two of Katy’s workshops at Neverending Improv Festival in Bucharest: Ensemble Bodies and Game of the Show. Ensemble Bodies opened my eyes to new ways of exploring physicality to create new characters as well as play with the space on stage. We had an absolute blast diving into some really great exercises and Katy’s enthusiasm created an awesome atmosphere in our group. Game of the Show was such a fun workshop! I still look back and laugh at some of the scenes and characters we created: our Tom Hasselhoff spy thriller is one of my favourite memories of the festival. I feel this workshop gave us practical tools we can use to create new shows and I can’t wait to get practising them with my group.” 

-Frances Ransome

Photography credit to ‘The Other Richard’

Class Details

Places are capped at 16.

About the Instructor

Katy Schutte

Katy Schutte is one of the UK’s leading improv teachers.  She performs and teaches all over the world, is Head Teacher and Course Designer for Hoopla (the UK’s largest improv school), was Co-Founder/Director at the International Improv Station and has been one of The Maydays since their founding year in 2004 with stints as Director and Artistic Director. She is half of legendary sci-fi improv duo Project2 and author of The Improviser’s Way: A Longform Workbook, which is published by Nick Hern Books. Katy trained at Second City and iO Chicago and with teachers from the Annoyance, UCB, Groundlings, The Magnet and lots of other places.

If you have any accommodations or access needs, questions, feedback or concerns about the classes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our theatre school manager Imogen at theatreschool@improvtheatre.net.