Well That Escalated Quickly

Well That Escalated Quickly is a multiplayer interactive storytelling game, designed and facilitated by us, played by you.

You don’t need to have any experience of improv or performing to take part, just an internet connection, your imagination and a readiness to jump in and play. We guarantee belly laughs and a friendly, supported space – beyond that, anything could happen!

Group Bookings

We are still taking group bookings for Well That Escalated Quickly on an ad-hoc basis!

Interested in booking a session for just you and your friends/ family? It doesn’t cost any extra, simply register your interest with us today and we’ll be in touch to help you find a date that works. If you’re booking for a birthday let us know as the birthday person goes free!

Group bookings have a set price of £108 for up to 8 people. For birthday events in particular, we have a reduced price of £90 for the session so that the birthday person goes free!

Register your interest for a group booking

What is it?

A storytelling game for up to six people run by one of our highly skilled improv facilitators and gamemasters, Stephen or Cat. You can check out our video to hear more about the game straight from them.  

How does it work?

At the start of the session, your gamemaster will assign you a role within your group such as The Muscle or The Scoundrel. These roles will come with a little description listing off your strengths which will give you a great idea of what your character will be good at. For example, as you might expect The Muscle is great at anything that requires strength!

At the start of the game the gamemaster will roll a dice to determine what mundane task you are trying to complete – like washing the dishes or delivering a parcel – and they’ll also secretly roll for what obstacle you will face along the way – like an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse.

Once you have this information the gamemaster will start your story and begin to craft the world around you.

Then it’s really up to you! Do whatever you’d like. Want to pet a dog? Say: “I’m going to pet that dog.” Just be aware that depending on how the gamemaster’s dice falls you might not always be successful in what you are trying to do! The gamemaster will be reacting in the moment to your choices and outcomes: “You go to pet the dog but notice it’s emitting a strange whirring sound! The dog is actually an artificial intelligence of an alien race which is trying to infiltrate the government”…well that escalated quickly! What will you do now?    

What do you need to play?

Once you have booked your session we’ll send you out a zoom link. You can have up to two players on one device, but each person must have purchased a ticket. 

All you need is access to the latest version of zoom: other than that, just turn up and we’ll do all the hard stuff! 

How am I involved?

This is your story, and you honestly cannot go wrong in this game: there is no win or lose!

All we ask is that you’re willing to play and have fun. There is absolutely no pressure to ‘perform’ and it’s up to you how you’d like to interact with the gamemaster and other players. Some people relish the opportunity to submerge themselves into character and voice, “I’m going to do a backflip onto that car and say my catchphrase whoopdedoo”, other people love to tell the story in third person, “my character will do a backflip and land on a car”. 

Just play however you feel most comfortable and be prepared for a lot of laughs!

Still unsure about what to expect? Check out our audience feedback below.

Audience Feedback

“It was super fun! Steve was very good at making me feel at ease as I’ve never done improv or role playing games before. Great at getting us to join in…. Would do again and would recommend” – Audience Member

“We few, we happy few, we came together to do a simple job…. but little did we know the awesome, hilarious,  and terrifying adventures that awaited us! A brilliant and cinematic couple of hours of interactive storytelling, that feels strangely like a real shared experience. I’m hooked.” – Audience Member

“Enjoyed the welcome and set up. Similar to anticipating someone enter a stage while the voice over welcomed you! [It was] good to get talked through how the task was going to be selected and guidance on our character traits really helped for a novice like me… Honestly laughed SO MUCH my cheeks hurt and immediately wanted to recount exactly what had happened when I left the room” – Audience Member

“Our group participated on this very exciting adventure where each one of us played an important part on completing a certain task while Steve, the game master shaped our destiny- what a creative mind! I play board games and for me it was hard to imagine that I could enjoy one online, but I really loved every minute even though I was nervous at first. The play was perfectly shaped and had a nice flow, there was no place for worry. I definitely recommend the experience for everyone, especially for those who never tried role playing games before, it’s a great entry, without any serious effort.” – Replay Bristol

Well That Escalated Quickly Trailer