The Incredible Playable Show

Friday 26th May 8pm

Online bookings have closed for this event... but it's likely you can still get tickets in person! For events happening here - you can purchase tickets from our venue box office up to 40 minutes before the event. For events held elsewhere - please contact us for more information.

This is a LIVE videogame experience where everyone gets to be a part of the action.

As eager audience members, you will have the chance to become human buttons, take on the Power Rangers, zap each other with barcode scanners, shout out loud and help your friends solve cryptic codes!

Or sit back, and watch your friends literally become cogs in a hilarious machine.

With games that spill out from the stage and into the audience, this show promises to be very physical and utterly unpredictable!

With Support From:

Rising Ape are a science entertainment collective who create strange and immersive interactive experiences.

Their latest show, The Audience, lets you take part in your own slice of Black Mirror-esque dystopian sci-fi and meet ALIX – the friendly courtroom AI of the future.

In 2037, who should really be in charge of what's right and wrong?

Let's hope you can make the 'optimal' decision…