The Bish Bosh Bash: The Improvised Game Show

The Bish Bosh Bash: The Improvised Game Show

Friday 1st July | 20:00

Friday 5th August | 20:00


Our mischievous cast will seamlessly interweave your suggestions into their games and dazzle you with their improvised nonsense!

The Bish Bosh Bash is a great introduction for those who’ve never seen improv before. An easy going, mischievous and silly evening awaits.

It’s a game of two halves!

In the first half, our teams will go head-to-head playing quick-fire games, which those familiar with ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ might recognise.

The second half is our knockout round, where our players are both the writers and actors of mini plays inspired by your suggestions.

They’re battling it out for you, playing for your votes and adoration. You decide who makes it to the end, and ultimately which team goes home with the glory!

A good value evening’s entertainment and plenty of playfulness. Five stars!

★★★★★ Bristol 24/7

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Show photos by Lee Pullen Photography

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