Improv Courses

Discovering Improv

An introduction to the exciting, challenging and fun world of improvisation!

Forget class clowns and stand-up sweats – at the Bristol Improv Theatre we don't care who's funny. For us, improv is about going with the flow, celebrating the screw-up and connecting with amazing new people.

For the last four years we've taught our students how to be more spontaneous, creative and confident – both on stage and off.

Who is this course for?

  • EVERYONE! Even if you have absolutely no improv or performing experience!
  • People seeking to increase their confidence, creativity or spontaneity.
  • Actors looking for new approaches to their work.
  • People looking to find new friends and meet new people in Bristol.
  • Performers of all kinds who want to tap into the Bristol theatre and arts scene.

Upcoming Discovering Courses

Monday 8th January » Discovering Improv (6 Week Course)Hamilton House
Monday 5th March » Discovering Improv (6 Week Course)Hamilton House

Performing Improv

A programme designed for actors, performers, and those interested in getting on stage!

This programme is actually a trinity of 3 separate courses: Great Scenework, Creating Characters, and Storytelling.

Each course covers a key aspect of performance, and each culminates with a showcase to apply what you have learnt.

These 7 week evening courses will run throughout the year. They can be completed in any order, or taken individually.

The aim of completing the programme is to give students a full set of skills for performing improv. The stage is calling!

Who are these courses for?

  • Anyone who has completed the Discovering Improv course and wants to learn more!
  • Actors who want to hone their skills.
  • Performers of all kinds who want to explore spontaneity.

Upcoming Performing Courses

Tuesday 9th January » Performing Improv: Stories & Stage (7 Week Course)The Bristol Improv Theatre

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