Bespoke Improv Coaching

Bespoke Improv Coaching 

Are you or your improv group looking to train a specific skill?

Do you want to explore a particular format or style?

Are you craving some personalised feedback and coaching?

We are delighted to offer bespoke coaching opportunities for individuals & groups at the Bristol Improv Theatre.

Get in touch and let us know:


What skills or ideas do you want to explore? This could be as simple as ‘we want someone to give us feedback on our scene work’ or ‘we want support devising an improvised puppet show’


Let us know how many people are in your group

3. WHO

If there is a specific BIT instructor you would like to work with, let us know. Don’t worry if you’re not sure – we will be able to match you up with someone whose experience and specialisms suit your requirements.

Pending our instructors’ availability, we can arrange a bespoke session or series of sessions based on your requirements. These can tale place either in person at the Bristol Improv Theatre or online via Zoom, depending on your preferences.

Example skill areas which could be explored:
  • Acting
  • ensemble work
  • team bonding
  • Narrative
  • Genre
  • character work
  • developing a format
  • Commedia dell’Arte
  • Directing
  • Authenticity
  • scene work skills
  • Clowning
  • staging & stagecraft
  • object & mimework,
Existing improv formats which can be taught:
  • A narrative genre show
  • super-scene (stories being set up by directors)
  • short-form comedy games
  • the Harold
  • Armando
  • Monoscene (one continuous scene set in one location)  

Please email for more information.