Xmas Movie Night with The Bish Bosh Bash

It’s a festive tradition to watch the same films you have seen a million times with the people you love. For this blog, we found the loveliest group of people we could think of; the cast of The Bish Bosh Bash. We then asked them what their favourite Christmas movie would be so we could build the ultimate movie-marathon!

Ste Brown – Die Hard, Die Hard 2 …

Ste has chosen the action dynasty Die Hard as his favourite Christmas films. A solid choice and we can even draw parallels between Ste and Bruce Willis, Yippy ki-yay!

Ros – Home Alone

Ros has picked the classic Christmas dark comedy film Home Alone starring Macauly Culkin. Fun fact, the boy actor was in the original cast of The Bish Bosh Bash, but was kicked out for setting too many traps at rehearsal.

Imogen – Elf

Imogen has picked the Will Ferrell classic Elf. An overgrown elf lost in NYC and reconnecting with his family? A tale we can ALL relate to.

Cat – Love Actually

Cat’s choice is the Richard Curtis romance Love Actually. A film which introduced us to Hugh Grant’s dancing and running through Heathrow to declare your love.

Ameira – Klaus

Ameira’s choice is Klaus, a new animated comedy film which came out last year. Although, according to Ameira, her favourite changes weekly!

Other cast members’ choices included more votes for Home Alone, Die Hard and Elf. Plus a vote for Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America. This Thursday, however, you can put down the popcorn and turn the TV off as it’s time for The Bish Bosh Bash Xmas!

A high energy comedy game show which guaranteed to make you giggle with glee.

The Bish Bosh Bash Xmas special is on Thursday 12th December at 8pm. Tickets are £10 and can be bought here.

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