Will Gawned’s Musical Playlist | This Is Your Musical | August

Will Gawned is one of the newest members of This Is Your Musical, The Bristol Improv Theatre’s improvised musical show. For the past few months we have been curating a playlist of the cast’s favourite songs from musicals and adding them to Spotify for you to have a listen! This time, it was Will’s turn …


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Let it go Frozen

Much maligned and overplayed, but I love this song for its message of being true to yourself and turning your back on trying to be something you’re not to please other people.

One Day More Les Miserables

Juicy layering of voices and multiple perspectives unified by a shared moment in time. EPIC!

How far I’ll go Moana

A song is about daring to cross the horizon, striking out into the unknown to explore the world, and being pulled between a desire to be free and to fulfil your duty. It really speaks to my inner explorer.

Hope Groundhog Day Musical

A song about not giving up, but with a dark twist. I love Tim Minchin’s wordy and intellectual lyrics.

Something Rotten A Musical

A beautiful parody of the genre with so many references to other musicals weaved in.

Poor Unfortunate Souls Little Mermaid

So much sass! A divine villain and that body language!

Be Prepared Lion King

Another great villain song, and great rhyming. Scar is so delightfully dastardly, and I love the idiot hyenas too.

With One Look Sunset Boulevard

“With one look you’ll know all you need to know.” Oh, Norma Desmond’s delusions of grandeur make her both a villain and a victim, pitiable and contemptible, and I love her feeling and her self-belief in this song.

American Dream Miss Saigon

Seems I like villain songs. This is the Engineer’s ‘I want’ song. A gaudy, greedy, high energy number to match his character. Given a chance, he believes he will rise to riches to live the American Dream. I love the word play, energy and key changes.

She Used to be Mine Waitress

So much heartfelt emotion, acceptance of imperfection, desire to take back control of life, being swept along and recognising how inevitable it all feels, baked in a beautiful pie.

Agony Into the Woods (Bonus song!)

A pair of charming (but not sincere) princes trying to out-do each other over how heart-broken they are that their love is unrequited!

About Will Gawned

Performance experience

Coming from a background in scripted performance and performance poetry, Will started improv when he moved to Bristol in 2016. He first truly experienced improv singing while watching the 2017 Bristol Improv Marathon, and was entranced! Since then he has done as much improv singing as he can, as part of the musical rom-com group Some Sing About Mary, and Pick Your Own Panto. He has performed in two Bristol Improv Marathons, directed shows for Unscripted Players (20/20 Foresight, and Unplanned Planet: The Improvised Musical Nature Documentary). He also works as an improv instructor at the Bristol Improv Theatre

How it felt to join TIYM

When This is Your Musical was first launched in 2017, I auditioned unsuccessfully, so having a second chance to audition earlier this year, and being invited to join the company was a dream come true! Even so, I didn’t really believe it until I was performing in the second half of the July show. It is wonderful to working with such a lovely bunch of singers and musicians. This month I am excited to taking part in the whole show, and looking forward to collaborating to craft your story, while also inventing songs!