Waiting for Becky: Lightning Round | Scratchpad | September

In anticipation of our new scratch night Scratchpad starting tonight (Wed 18th August), we are featuring each group performing in this season with a series of quickfire questions. So buckle in as the first group to take on the Lightning Round is Waiting for Becky!

1. Tell us a bit about your performance and the group, how did the idea come about and who’s in it? 

Waiting for Becky were created by Kitchen Rules Theatre as the 2nd House Team for their monthly show Parents Basement where they were coached in ‘Chicago style longform improv’. Upon graduating they decided that they quite liked specialising in monoscenes… got it, one long scene that is completely improvised.

2. What inspired you to put it on at Scratchpad? 

With 2 new members joining Waiting for Becky, we saw it as a great opportunity to work on the format of Monoscene as a newly formed group.

3 . How do you feel performing at a scratch night will benefit your show? 

It will be a lovely safe space for us to improvise as a new team and develop the format in front of an audience.

4. Which of the other groups performing at Scratchpad are you looking forward to seeing?

Apparently there is one involving escape rooms which sounds really interesting!

Where do you see the show going after you finish your run at Scratchpad?

We would love to keep developing the format with our new members and ideally head around Bristol and beyond with it!

Waiting for Becky will be performing as part of Scratchpad on Wednesday 18th September, Wednesday 23rd October and Wednesday 20th November at 20:00. It’s a pay what you decide event, read more information here

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