Up The Antics: The last rehearsal before the show

In preparation for another packed night of comedy at The Antics Joke Show, Antic Luke gives us an insight into how the cast feels during their last chance to get together before the day of the show.


The Theories

I’ve heard wildly different theories about how the last rehearsal before your upcoming show should go, from it should be as good as ever to hearing of groups purposefully doing a bad rehearsal so the only way is up for the performance*

*I may be embellishing this, but it was worth it for the contrast. 

The Day 

As I sit on the eve of Up The Antics final rehearsal before my favourite night The Antics Joke Show, there’s so much more going through my mind than the comedy itself. With my day-job as finance manager of the theatre, I have to gear shift from budgets and financial forecasts to creativity and wit.

The Night

However, I know when I step over that threshold into the theatre tonight and see my friends and co-performers (some of whom I have known for over a decade now), I know those fears will likely dissipate into nothing and no matter how the rehearsal goes. 

We could do the craziest, silliest, least accessible comedy during the rehearsal, and it won’t mean anything to me. These are the people who have my back and I have theirs, so when the stage lights come up and we run onto the stage on Friday, I know we’ll put on a kick-ass show!

The Antics Joke Show Ft. The Workplace is on Friday 22nd October at 8pm