Thoughts from the Opening Weekend | How The BIT Stole Christmas | December

In this blog, we spoke to our lovable cast about the opening weekend of our Christmas show and what they’re looking forward to about the next two weekends of shows!

The Milkybar Kid

Well! What an experience that was, our first weekend of Christmas shows done, and more to come!  It’s so good to be working again after my staring role as The Milky Bar Kid in the early 90’s, having been a child star and experiencing fame at such a young age it’s often difficult to break back into showbiz as an adult. It’s tough because even though I’m 33, my playing age is 7-12 so casting can be tricky. The folks at the BIT have been very accommodating though, helping me break out of some old habits ( drinking warm milk at an alarming rate, exclaiming my catchphrase at inappropriate moments, lassoing things/people) and teaching me that I can play roles other than a small blonde boy from the Wild West.

Walking around Bristol I haven’t been recognised by as many people as I’d expected… I guess it’s because I’ve lost the specs and wear contacts now. But I don’t mind. That chocolate stuff is all behind me now. It’s sort of embarrassing to be honest…onward and er, upward. New year, new me. This is the real deal, proper theatre with a festive message and absolutely brimming with drama and pathos.

Come and see us this weekend, if you do then I can guarantee that THE MILKY BARS ARE ON ME!!!! Oh, shit. 

Sam (The Head Girl)

Gosh, opening weekend was almost as exciting as reading Michelle Obama’s seminal autobiography ‘Becoming’ for the first time. The feeling of going out onto The Bristol Improv Theatre stage was akin to how I imagine Greta Thunberg felt when she made her address to all the world leaders at the UN Climate change concert conference, I’m not trying to purposefully put myself alongside these inspirational women, I’m too humble for that. I did overhear some audience members liken my work to that of Emma Watson, who not only blew minds as one of the ones who could act in the Harry Potter films but went on to speak about feminism and more in her work as an activist.

It’s a lot of pressure being a public figure out there on the stage, especially in these increasingly disconnected times. However, I am proud that the cast and I have highlighted numerous important issues through our work so far, up to and including overwork at the NHS, the dangers of canoes, that lads are using toxic masculinity to repress their deeper feelings, that nobody should be drinking aperol spritz alone on Christmas Eve when they could be doing it doggy style in a car- wait, what, who wrote this list?!

Anyway, do yourself a favour and come and see our show for a rich and rewarding, laughter-filled holiday from the holidays!

How The BIT Stole Christmas is on Fridays and Saturdays in December at 20:00. Tickets are £10 and can be purchased here.

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