The People Behind the Characters | Tales of Adventure | June & July

Tales of Adventure will be facing the mysteries and horrors that lie await in Tegel Manor as they begin their 10th series this Thursday. But who are the performers behind our lovable rogues? Let's find out!


Alice Taylor-Matthews | Bagsi Badly

Alice plays the half orc paladin Bagsi Badly with a tragic backstory, having being outcast from her home due to her heritage, and then finding her new home in runs and her family missing after returning from a battle. Her search for her family led her to meet the other questers, and she hopes to be re-united with them again.

Alice is a stand-up comedian with a love of horror movies. A lot of her set covers similar ground to Tales of Adventure so she's a perfect fit for the show!

Ste Brown | Geoffrey Banjo

Ste plays Geoffrey, Banjo, the ladies-man travelling musician with a developing fanbase known as "fan-jos". After leaving Bard School, he has made his living as a travelling conman.

D & D mega fan Ste was instrumental in the development of the show, and also features in the Bish Bosh Bash, another one of the BIT's successful improv shows. When he's not improvising or playing D&D, he is a psychologist and personal development coach.

Catherine Murphy | Trym Tosscobble

Catherine Murphy plays Trym Tosscobble, halfing barbarian goblin rogue and the oldest member of the party. However, that doesn't stop her performing incredible acrobatics or flying into an unstoppable rage.

Catherine joined Tales of Adventure after seeing an advert from Ste looking for improvisers for the show. Since then, she has been part of these amazing improv shows/teams: The Bish Bosh Bash, Space Cats and guesting on the Parents' basement house group.

Tom Bridges | Reverend Hatchet

Tom plays ex-soldier and battle commander Reverend Hatchet, worshipping the God of War. He then chose a life of a hermit to avoid committing further bloodshed, and joined our merry band of rogues.

Tom is in another of the BIT's associate companies Degrees of Error, who performed the improvised murder mystery show Murder, She Didn't Write and The Unnamed, who improvise stories in the style of H.P Lovecraft. He loves role-playing, fantasy and board games so this show is a natural fit for him!


Tales of Adventure is on Thursday 13th June, Thursday 27th June & Thursday 11th July 8pm. Doors and bar open from 7.15pm. Tickets are £7 or £15 for all three episodes and can be purchased here