The Delight Collective’s Diary – July 2021

The Delight Collective logo- a white rubber duck in the middle of a red circular stamp

Welcome to the first diary entry of The Delight Collective, written by the artistic director Imogen Palmer. The Delight Collective has been an associate company of Bristol Improv Theatre since 2018 and we have been very busy making shows, performing in festivals and running outreach projects since our inception.

This diary is a chance to see what it’s like inside of a BIT associate company, and find out what we’re working on at the moment…

23rd July 2021- ACTION!

This month has seen the start of the ‘Empowering Difficult Women’ partnership project with Breathing Fire and Houria. We applied for Bristol City Council’s Originator’s funding back in March 2021 and were lucky enough to receive £4992 towards a series of four workshops which will take place September – October this year…

I’ve been meeting with Charlotte Whitten, the co-producer of this project, on a weekly basis to help us put together ALL OF THE SPREADSHEETS, including:

  • An action log/ timeline
  • budgets
  • Contacts

Behind every great creative enterprise, there is great administration and workflow systems. Charlotte has been amazing at drawing together all of the spreadsheets and this month we sent contracts out to our collaborators. I have been finding using an action log so useful for projects where I’m working with a few people – we use it as a starting point for all our meetings are where we keep track of different things we’re working on. I honestly don’t know how I would get anything done without spreadsheets or my bullet journal. What did people do before excel?? Carve workflows on trees?!

We’ve met with Ruth, Valerie and Vanessa from Breathing Fire on Zoom to figure out how the partnerships and workshops will work. It was really inspiring to meet with them and talk about how the theme of ‘empowering difficult women’ could be explored in different ways! Breathing Fire are the UK’s only black women’s Playback Theatre group. They’ve been going since 2008 and have a range of experience working with audiences including prisons, health organisations, Schools, colleges, universities, festivals and residential homes. I’m really looking forward to shadowing the workshops they will be running and learning more about playback theatre as a tool for improv and empowerment. 

Watch this space for more updates… 



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