The Bristol Improv Theatre has a new artistic director, Kierann Shah!

About Kierann

Kierann is an experienced improviser, workshop leader and facilitator who has been based in Leicester for the past few years, programming improv at the theatre Upstairs at the Western and performing with Midlands improv group Tiny Stories.

Kierann’s professional career has focused on STEM communication, working in various strategic and leadership roles for the National Space Academy and the Association of Science and Discovery Centres.

Her vision for the Bristol Improv Theatre is “to become a place where entry-level improvisers of all backgrounds feel welcomed and empowered to take part alongside established figures, where crowd-pleasing genre improv is programmed alongside experimental shows that crossover with other arts or technology, where the audience can be transported across cultures and beyond expectations, and where people leave talking excitedly about what they have just learned or seen and how it links to their lives or even inspires them to try something creative and new” 

“I’m delighted to be taking on the role of Artistic Director at the Bristol Improv Theatre. I’m in awe of what the Bristol Improv Theatre has achieved already: starting from scratch to becoming an integral part of Bristol’s cultural landscape, offering a fantastic welcome to new improvisers and a home to established performers. I will be challenging the theatre to go further in engaging different communities in Bristol and the South West and becoming more accessible – as well as breaking the stereotypes and assumptions about improv that hold it back from its potential.” Kierann Shah

About The Bristol Improv Theatre

The Bristol Improv Theatre is a young and exciting not-for-profit arts organisation, theatre and school and is the UK’s first dedicated venue for improvised theatre. Since opening its doors in 2017, the theatre has been host to numerous renowned improv companies and have helped to inspire other artists through their successful theatre school.

In the next few months, Kierann will be overseeing a packed programme of events including associate company shows This is Your Musical, The Bish Bosh Bash, Tales of Adventure, Degrees of Error & The Antics Joke Show. She will also be overseeing visiting acts The Dragprov Revue, Screwball: An Improvised Misadventure and participative events like Jams & Games Nights. 

Thank you to Caitlin Campbell 

We would also like to express our sincere thanks to our outgoing artistic director and co-founder Caitlin Campbell. Caitlin not only helped to establish the theatre as an important part of Bristol’s cultural landscape but also steered us through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“After eight years of working at the friendliest arts venue in Bristol, I am thrilled to now be handing over the creative reins to Kierann. Her vision for the Bristol Improv Theatre is inspiring, she has a brilliant creative mind and is a formidable organiser – I know that under her leadership the theatre will bring this incredible art form and accessible training to ever more Bristolians and south-westerners who will benefit from it.  I can’t wait to be a witness to the next exciting chapter of the Bristol Improv Theatre’s story with Kierann and Luke at the helm.” Caitlin Campbell

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