The BIT’s Best Bristol Hot Choc

We love a good natter in the Bristol Improv Theatre office. Whether it’s about our wild weekend plans (cup of tea and a snuggle on the sofa of a Saturday evening- WILD), our excitement for upcoming events (by the way, have you seen our Christmas show yet?) or very occasionally about our actual jobs (joking – we do actually work quite hard to keep this small biz going!)

We pride ourselves on being a close-knit team who love to share a laugh or lend an ear. However, there’s one topic that does divide us, especially now the festive season is upon us. In these wintery climes, we’re at a loss, we can’t agree and we’re desperate to keep the warmth in our hearts as well as in our hands. We just can’t decide – where is the best place to get a hot chocolate in Bristol?!

There have been debates, discussions and difficult decisions made to put this list together but here are our top picks on where’s the best place to grab a sweet treat in the city we call home!


Our brilliant bartender  Katy has declared that this comforting, classic cafe is “the absolute best place to get hot chocolate”. And it must be said when the christmastime hot drink is paired with such a cosy, characterful setting, (their upstairs seating is made from old church pews!) it’s hard to deny. AND it’s very reasonably priced (just £2.30 for a large hot choc!).

Two Ways

Thick, rich and extremely chocolatey, if you’re looking for an authentic Italian hot chocolate, Two Ways is a must-try. It’s like a meal in a cup and will leave you satisfied for the whole day. Our Theatre Manager Luke is a strong advocate of this chic cafe-bar, found just off the Triangle – you rarely see him arrive at the theatre in the morning without a Two Ways cup in his hands.

Bar Chocolate

Imogen, our Theatre School Manager, describes Bar Chocolat’s offering so decadently, I can’t help but quote her verbatim:

“I love the thick, gooey, super intense hot chocolate you can get from Bar Chocolat and have spent many a fond afternoon sharing one with a friend or beau. They are so rich that sharing is essential. I also recommend napkins, a bib or a small flannel because they are hard to *truly* enjoy without getting chocolate all over your face. Then again, this can be an advantage because you can then lick a bit of chocolate off your face or sweater vest later and prolong the choice.”

Hotel Chocolat

We always stan a small, independent business over big corporate chains. But sometimes, you can’t help but give into a guilty pleasure when they hit the spot so perfectly. Ros- our Programming Manager- describes this chocolate heaven’s creation as “the kind of thing that makes your inner child squeal with delight” – sounds pretty great to me!

Mrs Potts Chocolate House

Last but absolutely not least (at least in my opinion) is my own happy place – Mrs Pott’s Chocolate House. This Park Street staple is a tad on the pricey side but completely worth it with the vast array of treats to choose from. My personal favourite? The roasted white. Super sweet with a hint of caramel, it’s my ultimate pick-me-up and brings back memories of de-stressing during my student days.

Well, there you have it: If you’re looking for a hot-chocolate-crawl over Christmas, we reckon this is a pretty good place to start!

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