The Bish Bosh Bash | Rehearsal Diary | October

The Bish Bosh Bash is back this Friday! This season's new, mainstage comedy show is packed full of silly games, songs and a very special golden welly! As the company prepare for the next show, we caught up with improviser Ros Beeson to find out how rehearsals have been going…


As I open the door to the bar of the BIT (our rehearsal space this week) I'm greeted by the smiles and welcomes of my fellow Bish Bosh Bashers ready for another session. We're all still buzzing with highlights from the previous show, and catching up those members who weren't around: regaling them with tales of Spider Titchmarsh (an actual giant spider) the hero of a Poldark-esque period drama to Waitrose zombie apocalypses, where Asda's packs of 10p crisps have been turning citizens into the undead – this is the kind of improv we do at the Bish Bosh Bash and I love it!

Everyone has two goals in this group, to delight and inspire and so we share our successes with each other and most importantly celebrate our failures. We were taught very early on the concept of a 'happy fail' to stop beating ourselves up and to instead enjoy. That's why my favourite warm up game is T-shirt. T-shirt is a lovely little game, were we stand in a circle and chant a slightly rude chant of; "T-shirt, T-shirt what's on your *expletive deleted* T-shirt" you then blurt out the first thing that comes to mind, i.e. a hippo riding a submarine and the person who's t-shirt you're staring at has to give you a slogan, i.e. Hungry for adventure? – it doesn't have to be clever or funny or anything really it's just fun and we all cheer no matter what – there is no better way to put a smile on your face and bring up the energy of the group. I pick out this game because it's all about accepting offers and enjoying them and acting/re-acting in the moment, this is a key tool for any member of the BBB.

Our rehearsal this week has us working with puppets, an interesting and new challenge for me. Suddenly you are not the focus of the audience's attention, instead it's your puppet pal. We make our puppets from pieces of fabric and elastic bands and initially I think, how am I going to get people on board with this? Then we're taught to; make small and slow movements, focus our full attention on the puppet, place them in front of ourselves and as my cloth creation greets the room, suddenly I see it come to life. Without a single thought my puppet gains a backstory and has wants and emotions. My particular puppet is a shy thing, not actually human, she's fascinated by everything but also scared of everything, before I know it we're off exploring the room and she's gathered up enough courage to have a chat with a portrait on the wall that she doesn't realise is not alive (of course the chatter is just nonsense to me as a human). I'm so excited to crack this new skill out at the next show!

What is beautiful about working with my fellow members of the BBB is that I'm able to test out these ideas and I know that everyone else is treating it with complete seriousness, so there is not a single thought in my head that I should not commit 110%. We are able to explore the whole spectrum of emotions this way, and one moment I'm moved and incredibly sad watching a scene and then someone says something so unbelievably funny that I'm doubled over with laughter. Highlight of this session is hushed uttered 'shhh this is a library' only to get a response of 'Dad, you have to stop following me around'. I'm really looking forward to the next show, it's bonfire night themed and I have no idea what to expect and I love it. I cannot wait to jump in with the bishers and the boshers and have a giggle.

Ros Beeson, Performer

Photography Credit Lee Pullen


The Bish Bosh Bash is on Friday 2nd November, 8pm. Doors and bar open from 7.15pm. We suggest booking as early as possible. Tickets are £7 and can be bought HERE.

Poster Image Credit Peter Critchley