The Bish Bosh Bash! | Rehearsal Diary | July

The pilot of The Bish Bosh Bash is drawing near! The BIT's brand new, mainstage comedy show, promises scenes, songs and silliness in two hours of high-octane entertainment. As the shiny new company prepare to perform their first show, we caught up with improviser Ameira Yanni to find out how rehearsals have been going in the run up to Wednesday 11th's pilot.


Our company is The Bish Bosh Bash. Team Bish and Team Bosh, Bash, by going head-to-head in a bunch of improvised games in an attempt to win over the audience. The audience will vote for the team that gave the most 'welly' at the end of each round. Essentially, it's the World Cup of improv, or at least I like to think so!

Rehearsals for the show have been a blast! I feel so lucky to work with every member of the cast. From day one we all clicked with each other; every single person is so supportive and friendly.


We've played loads of different improv games and scenes and even explored improvised musical numbers. The most exciting moment for me was when we did our first full run through of the structure of the show, it was insanely cool to see this idea we had been working on come to life.



I think I am most looking forward to hearing what the audience are going to suggest for us and how they will react to the show. I'm also really looking forward to playing with my cast and being inspired by them, the audience, our musician (Tim) and also from Imogen, our host/creator of the show. I think it will be really fun for the audience to see games like the interpretive dance and also set dressers.

I am beyond excited to be a part of this company and I cannot wait to see our show unfold in front of a crowd of grinning faces!

Ameira Yanni, Cast Member

Photography by Peter Critchley


The Bish Bosh Bash is on Wednesday 11th July, 8pm. Doors and bar open from 7.15pm. We suggest booking as early as possible. Tickets are £5 and can be bought HERE.