Tales of Adventure Q&A with Will Gawned (AKA Marcel Maurice)

In advance of his debut as Marcel Maurice on Tales of Adventure, we spoke to Will Gawned about how he is feeling about the show!

Welcome Traveller! How does it feel to be joining Tales of Adventure as a guest hero?

I’m very excited! I’m a big fan of the show, Dungeons & Dragons and Role Playing Games (RPGs) in general.

Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you come to be in this show?

I’m an improv performer, instructor, writer and RPG game designer: Check out my RPG work with EN World’s Level Up: Advanced 5e system (

When I started improv in Bristol in 2016, Stephen Clements was one of my Discovering Improv teachers. During one of the lessons I was talking about how much I loved D&D and he mentioned that the Bristol Improv Theatre was in the process of devising a live play D&D show. There was a brief moment where (I like to believe) I was being considered to join the original cast. We’ve discussed me guesting in the show a few times over the years, but is hasn’t worked out until now.

I’ve continued to play D&D offstage and two of my three regular D&D games include Stephen; one as a fellow player, and one as the gamemaster. I’ve also gained a lot more performance improv experience, I’m a cast member of This Is Your Musical, and an instructor as part of the Bristol Improv Theatre’s Theatre School.

When I heard that Ste was leaving the show, I approached Stephen and asked if I could be in the show, and now after a long wait, I shall have my debut!

Have you seen the show before and how do you see yourself fitting into the existing crew? 

Over the long years, I’ve intermittently watched the show in-person, and I’ve listened to the podcast to catch up on shows I missed.

It will be interesting to see how the dynamic changes without Marcus LeVelle to lead the gang. The current crew is a force of chaos and I hope to be a good influence on them in the pursuit of a straight forward quest for glory! But I suspect instead we’ll all get pulled off track as soon as something shiny and fun appears, such as the emotional backstory of a talking-pumpkin-with-the-soul-of-a-horse.

Can you tell us a bit more about your character or is it a secret?

If it’s a secret I’m telling you anyway! I am Marcel Maurice, dashing young minstrel seeking sufficient riches to be eligible to marry a proper Knight, and become a traditional Pellvanese house-husband. I’m somewhat naïve, free-spirited, romantic, and hiding a mysterious past…

What are you most looking forward to about the show?

The live illustration! Graham has show me some character art for Marcel Maurice already, which is just lovely, and I look forward to seeing the adventure brought to life in front of the audience.

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12th May | 9th June | 14th July