Sam’s Musical Theatre Poem | This Is Your Musical | September

Photo C. John Thompson (Sq) and Lee Pullen (Cover)

We asked Sam, one of the new cast members of This Is Your Musical, to let me know her top 10 songs from musicals to add to our Musical Playlist of cast picks. What she sent us was far, far better ….

Number one
Have never written a blog
Have nothing to say.
Due to your asking
Enjoy this cobbled together mess.
Musical songs I like:
Jane Horrocks’ rendition of Cabaret from Cabaret- I like it because it’s not sung ‘well’ but is so powerfully and engagingly done.
The old one off Cats because she’s brilliant.
Is: There’s no Business Like Show Business by Ethel Merman one?
Cuz her voice is just fantastic.
I love taking her off.
Don’t Rain On My Parade. This is great to sing when furious.
To be utterly and ashamedly honest,
I don’t really know much about musicals at all.
I don’t think I’ve even watched 10 musicals.
Uhm….really sorry about that.
I won’t let that discount me.
I love being part of TIYM
and I’ve never been made to feel lesser because I’m not a musical aficionado.
and most importantly
you don’t have to be an expert in MT to enjoy watching TIYM.
You don’t even have to
and this may sound crazy up in here but I’m gunna write it and then we can all deal with the fall out
you don’t even have to like MT to love TIYM.
I think sometimes we can split entertainment into categories and decide we don’t ‘fit’ or ‘like’ certain groups.
And I think this rule is less hard and fast than we believe it is.
I mean
don’t get me wrong,
TIYM may well be a gateway drug to more hardcore musical shows like

the uhm
that Joseph,
prince of Joseph
the one that Andrew Lloyd Webber did.
That one.
But you can also just take the joy of the show
The glorious fantastic fun of it
For what it is.

And on that note
You can also take me
The glorious fantastic me
For what I am.
A cobbled together mess.

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