Reminiscing With The Bish Bosh Bash Cast

It’s Ameira’s last show with The Bish Bosh Bash this Friday!

To celebrate, the cast of The Bish Bosh Bash looked back at some of their favourite moments from the last 18 months of shows

Ste:  There was a scene that an audience member made the suggestion for it to be set in Derby and it was my favourite thing ever, it was just brilliant because I could use my proper accent.

Ros:  Yeah, and in that scene, may I add, you tried to trip me up by making me list loads of different town names in Derbyshire, but I nailed it!

Ste:  That you did. I also love any time we play “World’s Worst”

Lucy: There was this one show where we had a monkey puppet as a gangster and Ste was upset because he was blindfolded the entire time, he could just hear everyone’s response to this amazing puppet, but he was blindfolded for twenty-five minutes and missed the whole thing!

Ste:  Seriously, any time we play World’s Worst.

Ros:  I also loved when Imogen was hosting and an audience member threw the ball of injustice and it hit a cast member in the face, and she (delightfully) told the audience member off. The whole cast ran over and hugged the audience member and apologised, everyone was roaring with laughter. It was great.

Cat:  Mine was when Marie, another cast member, was genuinely pregnant and we used the pregnancy as part of a scene and I put my hand on her belly and THE ACTUAL BABY KICKED! It made me want to cry it was so lovely.

Ameira: The Bish Bosh Baby!

Ste:  World’s Worst. Come on, guys.

Beth:  Easy for me. Spider Titchmarsh. If you know, you know.

Ameira:  Oh my gosh, Spider Titchmarsh! He was this spider puppet that Caitlin handled, and I was in love with him. It was for a Halloween show and it was honestly so delightful to act alongside a puppet.

Ste:  And the best one of all…

Ameira:  I will never forget the time when I was in this musical set at a farmer’s market and I fell in love with a courgette, and then he fell in love with another courgette and they rooted to the ground and we sang this gorgeous harmonised improvised song with overlapping and ahh that was so fun.

Ste:   World’s Worst!

Ameira: In hindsight, I seem to fall in love with random things a lot!  

Ste: I’ll let you guess my favourite… it’s World’s Worst

The Bish Bosh Bash is on Friday 6th March. Tickts are £10 and can be purchased here.

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