Rehearsal Diary | Bish Bosh Bash | July

"Yes And" is such an important rule in improv and often in life. It makes you a great listener and can even get you ice cream. However, what do you do when it lands you directing a flagship show and you feel the imposter syndrome kicking in? In this blog, Ros Beeson talks about how directing The Bish Bosh Bash for the first time is going.



'I would love to!'

This is the kind of confident response, that you'd expect to hear from someone who has agreed to direct the next Bish Bosh Bash show right?

Well that's me, this month, this Friday to be exact. So you might ask, if that was the answer what was the question?

'Would you like to finish my ice cream?'

And it was great. I then responded to the next question 'Do you fancy running the rehearsal before the show?' with the exact same answer.

Somewhere in the Inside Out portion of my head a little Joy like character has just dropped their ice cream and ran off the stage and in her place a neurotic Fear has stepped in.

And now in the hour leading up to the rehearsal with the sugar rush wearing off, it is Fear who is the one in the driving seat, and she's questioning silly things like:

  • Is this music relaxing enough to allow people to chill out in our group wind down?
  • Am I allergic to pistachio?
  • Should I have just a piano score, or strings or a big orchestra?
  • Should I just use something natural like rain?
  • Why is it still called a 99 when it's more like £2 nowadays?
  • Do I play some instrumental disney or would it be distracting as across the dulcet tones of a tension free trance you can make out the point in which the lyrics for 'You've got a friend in me' should be starting?

Then arriving with my track in hand, I asked tentatively to the first arrivals if they thought the music I had picked was ok? And to be honest I could have blasted fog horns and seagull cries and they'd have undoubtedly given me a big thumbs up and encouraged me for giving something new a try. That's just the kind of amazing people we have in this show, every single one of them a gem.

I realised that my nerves were just displaying themselves in a fixation on something minor, and as soon as the rehearsal got underway, and the guys began playing games my tension slipped away, replaced with the ever present laughter and excitement I have come to anticipate from a Bish Bosh Bash show.

So if you want something sweet and cool this Friday come visit my ice cream van/see the Bish Bosh Bash, I guarantee it'll be a highlight of your summer!*

*they also serve Ice-cream in the bar now.


The Bish Bosh Bash is on Friday 5th July at 8pm. Doors and bar open from 7.15pm. Tickets are £10 and can be bought HERE.