Q&A with the RH Experience

Ahead of their long-awaited return to the Bristol Improv Theatre, we chatted to Tom from the RH Experience all about their new show ‘Sketches’, coming back the the BIT and keeping their craft fresh.

Q) Tell us a bit about your company. How and when did you form? 

We all met at college, when we were teens, with awkward hair. We found that we had a rapport & started making improvised sketches with our camcorder, this escalated to Youtube & then very quickly to live shows. Fast forward 13 or so years & we’re still arsing around.

Q) We loved having your shows on at the BIT pre-pandemic and we’re so excited to see your new show ‘Sketches’. Can you tell us a bit more about it and where the inspiration came from?

Sketches is just a bit of a whirlwind show, with the intention of shaking off the cobwebs of lockdowns & just doing something fresh & carefree. Our intention is to do a sketch per minute & no matter what happens after a minute, we’ll be cut off & another sketch will start with a brand new word as inspiration. We’ve missed doing improv so much, so I guess this show’s inspiration is making up for lost time by doing as much as possible!

Q) After a decade of performing together and doing shows around the UK, how do you keep things fresh and exciting?  

I think by it’s nature improv is exciting & always surprising. We’ll never get tired of it & certainly never stop learning. Apart from that principle, we would like to keep developing different shows & formats. Gotta keep mixing it up.

Q) What’s it like to be back performing again after the last 18 months? How are you feeling about things getting ‘back to normal’? 

There was this fear that I think many improvisers have had, ‘Will I be able to do it again!?’, ‘Will I be rubbish!?’, ‘What happens if I can’t do it!?’ & the answer is ‘Of course you can!’, it’s like riding a bike, a bit rusty at first but you pick it up again very quickly. It’s such a joy making shows again & seeing people smile, what more could we want? 

Q) What do you enjoy most about performing at the Bristol Improv Theatre?

We absolutely love playing at the BIT & this goes back to our first ever visit when it was an old club, with a church hall stage kind of vibe. Even then we got the feeling of excitement that you guys have about building something unique & for the pure love of improvisation & theatre. We’re immensely proud of what you guys have achieved & it’s an honour to play! Beyond the vibe of the place, we just love the playing area, there’s so much freedom!

Q) What are you most looking forward to about the show?
As previously touched upon, I’m just looking forward to seeing people smile & I really hope we can give you a good show, with laughs & good vibes to take into the weekend. That’s what it’s all about!

Q) Why should people come along? 

We all get the sense that this show is a short-term thing to shake off the cobwebs, unless it goes super well we can’t really see us playing it much beyond this period of readjustment. Basically come along, because we may never do this again at the BIT!

The RH Experience are performing at the Bristol Improv Theatre on Friday 27th February