Q&A with Pippa Evans

Pippa Evans tells us all about her upcoming guest workshop on status & her new book, ‘Improv Your Life’…

Q: Hi Pippa! We’re so excited for your upcoming workshop at the BIT! Can you tell us a little bit more about it?

I am excited too! We’ll be looking at how status affects our interactions with each other and how being aware of it is useful not just on stage, but in life.

Q: How can playing around with status add to an improvisor’s tool kit? 

Often we play with a similar status because we are friends on stage together. We are equals. By becoming aware of status, we can breathe a new life into our characters and create a subtext from simply the way we respond to each other in a status transaction.

 Q: And conversely, how can improvising status help someone in ‘the real world’?

Ever been in a conversation or a meeting or a relationship where you felt something weird was going on but couldn’t put your finger on it? Chances are, there were status games being played – consciously or unconsciously.
By being aware of status games, we can start to know when we might need to explore or challenge the status we have found ourselves in or the status we are giving to those around us.

Q: What do you hope people will take away from this workshop?

A deeper understanding of the role status can play and how to work with it to find more nuanced scenes, better conversations and the ability to see what is happening when we walk into a room.

Q: We’re also very excited about your book, ‘Improv Your Life’, which is coming out soon! How have you found writing it?

It comes out Feb 18th. Writing it was a blessing for Lockdown one, since all my live work was, of course, cancelled. I felt like I had been given an opportunity to put into words the work I had been doing with Improv Your Life for the last six years. It’s always hard to write anything but when it was finished, I felt like a bloomin’ legend.

Q: And finally, what is one thing you wish the whole world knew about improv?

That it is more than just comedy sketches above a pub on a Saturday night.
It is an art form that offers so much more to its players and its audience.

Respect the improv.