Office Christmas Parties: A Dilemma, A Solution?

Most of us have been in this situation: nodded off in a meeting and somehow ended up tasked with organising the office christmas party, or we know someone who has been lumped with this task. 

Questions will run through your mind like: 

  • Which restaurant caters for everybody’s dietary needs? 
  • How do we keep Bob and Karen apart after their messy break-up? 
  • But most importantly, how do we make sure everyone has a jolly good time? 

Well you ask and we provide! Here are 5 reasons why you should choose to see How The BIT Stole Christmas for your office end-of-the-year party: 

It’s going to be hilarious

This show is going to be incredibly raucous, with performers and puppets alike given free reign to act out festive stories with reckless abandon and manic joy, all inspired by your Christmas stories. 

There are puppets 

Think more Avenue Q than Sesame Street, we have 4 main character puppets inspired by theatre archetypes and bespokely designed for this show by Monkey Trousers theatre. PLUS, a supporting cast kindly donated by The Wardrobe Theatre! 

You are in safe hands

We have gathered a cast of seasoned professionals, who know exactly what they are doing. Cast members from Impromptu Shakespeare, Degrees of Error, The Bish Bosh Bash! And Bristol Longform Comedy are all guiding you through these merry adventures. 

We do so many great value cocktails  

From monkey trousers to philosophy man, we have a range of cocktails (most of our own creation) at the bar, with certain drinks 2 for £12.

If you like it, you can bring your friends and family back again as the show is different each time  

One of the great things about improv is that each show is different. If you loved it with your office party, you can come back with your friends and family or anyone else you want to show how cool an artform it is and how cool you are for liking it.

In conclusion, come see How The BIT Stole Christmas Fridays and Saturdays in December (not 13th and 14th) and become the office hero at least early 2020.

We are closed in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Full information on our most recent blog post.