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Meet the Team


Ariane for Different Women


Ariane Barnes is a performer and teacher of advanced performance and yoga-psychology. She is the founder of Different Women.

Ariane is an Actor-singer, comedian, multilingual improviser and keynote speaker. Her roots in ‘Artivism’ & her passion for body-mind connection, embodied social justice & inclusion inspired her to fuse her talents into a non-profit that would create rapid change, innovation and decolonisation through it’s simple existence. Her work as an artist and an entrepreneur aims to bring people together and uplift the unheard, female, mixed-race experience.



The Different Women project was founded by performer and advanced performance and yoga-psychology teacher Ariane Barnes in 2014. We help women stand tall and strong in their chosen craft through the power of performance, psychology and diversity as a pedagogy for leadership. We provide opportunities for work, development, and leadership to women from the artistic LGBTQ/BIPoC community and workshops in self-mastery and performance for all.


Aisha for Kiota


Aisha is a vocal artist, producer, improviser, composer, workshop facilitator and artistic director of Kiota: a collective of BIPoC artists in Bristol.

Aisha is passionate about where art and social justice meet and uses embodied social justice methodology to decolonise arts spaces and work towards Radical Inclusion. She believes in the power of the voice both politically and artistically as our birthright and as an important tool in expressing and reclaiming ourselves. She is in the company Beyond The Ridiculous and manages the Wardrobe Theatre.



Founded in 2018, Kiota Bristol was started by Vocal Artist, Improviser and Cultural & Inclusion Producer Aisha Ali and Spoken Word Poet, Shagufta Iqbal. Kiota are a collective for BIPoC creatives in Bristol, that showcase BIPoC creatives from various artistic disciplines and provide networking opportunities. It was borne out of a conversation around the alienation created by often being the only Person of Colour in Theatre and Arts Spaces in Bristol. Kiota Bristol have quarterly showcases at The Wardrobe Theatre and are very committed to tackling decolonisation of Arts Spaces in Bristol.


Rosie For Different Women (Musician)


Rosie is a percussionist of Zimbabwean descent. She loves playing with unusual ensembles and has recently returned from a world tour with singer Neneh Cherry. Other engagements include Richard II at Shakespeare’s Globe and an EP with her handpan and saxophone duo Boubakiki.


Anna For Different Women (Musician)

Anna is a community musician and multi-instrumental percussionist of Mauritian, Pakistani and British heritage, who has collected musical fruits from a wide range of teachers and travels. Specialising in Ghanaian balafon (xylophone), Cas Cas (Ghanaian seed shakers), and various West African and Latin hand drums, her passion for playing in conversation with musicians and dancers in therapeutic and community environments is at the heart of her work as an artist.


Minder For Different Women (Experience Liason) 

Minder Kaur Athwal is an improv comedy performer and facilitator working to help improve people’s lives through playful and practical workshops.
Minder designs positive experiences, builds  inclusive environments and works to make organisations more effective in meeting the needs of their members or service users.
Her priority is making every single attendee feel welcome, heard and included while boosting their confidence and making sure they leave with a smile on their face.


TK for Different Women (Videographer) 

TK is a multicultural dance teacher, creative and filmaker of African heritage with a unique gift for story-telling through dance & the visual arts.

Her body of work across Germany & the UK, fights for the voice of the youth to be strengthened, encouraged and heard.
Now in London, she combines dance and film through her heels company “The J Spot” to support women on their journey to self-empowerment through movement.


Kim for Houria 


Kim is a British-Cape Verdean freedom fighter, a mother and the Executive Director of Houria CIC. Kim conceived the Houria concept in 2019 after studying the topic of Modern Slavery at the University of Bristol.

All of Kim’s passion and skill in the fields of cooking, coaching and advocating come to the table in this joyful and righteous, not to mention tasty, Bristol-based social enterprise. There is no greater pleasure for Kim than to cook up a feast and share recipes and stories with her Sisters



Houria CIC was founded in January 2020 by three BME people who shared a passion for food and refugee rights. They understood the link between modern slavery, migration and racism and made it their mission to create a joyful solution, a meaningful and sustainable enterprise in the heart of the community. Houria breeds freedom through food. Their vision is a world free of modern slavery.