Meet the cast of ‘Good Morning Bristol’

Get to know the amazingly talented casts of our Unscripted Players’ Big April Shows!


Favourite Breakfast TV host? I don’t know if he counts but it’s got to be Gino D’acampo. A chaotic man.  

Favourite moment in rehearsals? In one run through a Deirdre gave me advice to step into a room proclaiming ‘I AM POSEIDON GOD OF THE SEA’. I think after about the 4th time I did it they began to regret that advice. 

Why see the show? If, like me, people enjoy the variety of a breakfast show format but lack the waking-up skills to see them on TV then this is the solution! Breakfast TV at reasonable hours? Yes please. But also you can influence the content of this one, and it’s just the fun stuff (no Piers Morgan)! 

Favourite thing about improv? There are not enough opportunities as an adult to be incredibly silly. If there is one thing improv is great for, it’s giving you the freedom to be profoundly silly – and to just enjoy that! 


Favourite Breakfast? Bananas

Favourite moment in rehearsals? When we all started working together as a team and can laugh at ourselves as well as each other. And the friendships we made along the way

Looking forward to? Performing in front of an audience and seeing how much all our hard work has paid off

Favourite thing about UP? It’s a really good opportunity to laugh, see some really good improv and to just have an all-out great time.

What’s your favourite breakfast? Porridge because I have it every day! In an ideal world, it would be coco pops.

Who’s your favourite TV Breakfast Host? It would have to be Ant, Dec, and Cat in the days of SM:TV Live.

What’s your favourite thing about UP? Where do I start? That it gives performers and directors an opportunity to get on stage and try out ideas, even if they don’t have much experience of either.

Why should people come and see the show? Because it has been over two years in the making and is FINALLY being performed! Plus both shows are really, really good, don’t miss out!

What’s your favourite thing about improv? The opportunity to be silly whilst thinking I’m actually being really, really clever for a few hours each week.


What’s your favourite breakfast? I personally enjoy the classic Weetabix, they are versatile enough to add a variety of toppings to, which allows me to keep my mornings fresh. But! It’s a fine balancing act of eating them at the optimal crunch & sogginess. If they become too soggy then my whole morning could be ruined. It’s a risk I’m willing to take.

What’s a memorable TV moment/news story? Without a doubt, Holly Willoughby suggesting ham in a carbonara to Gino D’Acampo and the phrase “If my grandmother had wheels, she would have been a bike” will forever live in my brain rent free for the rest of my life.

What’s your favourite thing about UP? The Unscripted Players is such a welcoming envrionment regardless of experience! It gives improvisers a chance to take their improv to the next level by connecting with a fantastic group of likeminded people to create and bring to life some fantastic ideas. I can’t wait to see what else happens after these shows!

What’s your favourite thing about Improv? The supportive environment! It feels like people you do improv with have your back! No matter what happens, it always feels safe to fail or mess up because at the end of the day, we are all just trying our best!


Who’s your favourite breakfast TV host? Zig and Zag (The puppets)

What’s a memorable TV moment/news story? Coming home from a holiday in Crete during the news that the twin towers were being attacked, I’ll never forget that.

Favourite moment in rehearsals? Getting back together after the 2.5-year gap of waiting for this show to kick off again

What are you looking forward to about the shows? The beautiful moments where I get to support the cast and help them out in a scene or aid them to have more fun or a poignant moment

Why should people come and see the show? Quite simply… It will be fun and you get two 45 min shows for £12


Favourite breakfast? Buttermilk pancakes with crispy bacon and maple syrup

Memorable TV moment? The guy who was reporting from one of the US National Parks and had to quickly pack up as bison approached him. His whole demeanour was one of quiet, professional panic.

Favourite rehearsal moment? Too many to choose! But always love any of the physical arrangements the cast find themselves in during the Expert Interview segment…

Favourite thing about improv? I love performing improv as it’s truly a time where you allow yourself to let go and live fully in the moment of what you’re doing.