Lonely Hearts Ads | Love Is In The BIT | Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s day, DJ Heart (Imogen Palmer) and DJ Broken (Caitlin Campbell) are on a mission to bring love to the lonely hearts of Bristol. And what better place to start with their crackteam of improvisers? Read on to meet the cast of Love is in the BIT, premiering this Friday at the Bristol Improv Theatre…

Sam Hall

Slightly battered but well-painted dingy floating through the sea of life. Have my fair share of barnacles but nothing titanic. Naturally buoyant, trim at the waist, stern when needed. Looking for someone to keep me afloat, tie my stomach in knots and make me keel over. Let’s drop anchor and have a glass of port. No krakens.

Sam McLaughlin

Cute, avid reader, active, with a keen sense of guilt. Enjoy picking apart conversations on my own or with friends, arranging Skype conversations and championing good dental hygiene. Seeking perfection and settling for you, take me to your favourite quiet places and we can dissect our pasts.

Ste Brown

Non-smoker, dad-joker, rum-and-coker. Bearded man with blonde hair, blue eyes and a cracking Midlands accent seeks non-bearded woman. You must enjoy improv, thumb-wrestling and find fart-jokes funny. I’m 5’9″, which is definitely the average size for a man in the UK. But it doesn’t matter anyway, because I can jump really high. I also do a mean Shetland Pony impression and own my own houseplant. His name is Frank.

Vicky Cansfield

Fun, feisty football fan. An excellent wingwoman on and off the pitch – but who’s going to make a pass and help me score? Seeking a team player who knows how to get me dribbling. I’m tired of scoring own goals, so shoot your shot! Please note that I haven’t made any explicit ball jokes, and I want some credit for that.

Love Is In The BIT is on Friday 14th February at 20:00. Tickets are £10 and can be purchased here.