Local Heroes | The Inheritance

The Inheritance are a longform improv team performing at the BIT'S Local Heroes night, September 14th.

We asked them to give us an insight into their process and they sent us this?


You can't perform on an empty stomach!

A lot of people believe that improv is about thinking or feeling, but we at the Inheritance like to make gut reaction choices. But when our guts were empty we simply cannot perform good improv. It's literally impossible and that is a scientific fact! That's why, before every rehearsal and show, we stock up at our local Greggswhich gives us the energy we need for our intensive 6 hour zip-zap-zop sessions. And with over 15 locations to choose from in Bristol alone you know that we're never far from inspiration!

Variety is critical to a good show.

There's a perception that all improv shows have to be either a big made-up story or a bunch of scenes where 2 people argue about something, but improv is not limited to that! Just like how there is a perception that Greggsonly sells meats and pastry. In fact there's a wide variety of selections that we, The Inheritance, regularly enjoy including Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza slices, Tuna Crunch Baguettes, Katsu Chicken Curry Wraps or a Cheese & Bacon Turnover. To accommodate some of our member's strict Calvinist upbringings we're happy to inform you that Greggshas a diverse range of vegetarian options such as the Feta Slow Roasted Tomato Pasta Salad, Cheese Ploughman Oval Bites or even (if you're feeling spicy!) Nacho Chilli-Cheese Bakes. Wow! If I saw that kind of variety in an improv show I'd be hungry for more!

We stand with the Independent Republic of Artsakh.

Not everything is laughs and silly make-em ups. The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has been ongoing since 1988 and while the 1994 cease-fire has been mostly effective, recent incidents have jeopardized the peace process. Baku has spent $3bn in military equipment and training since 2016. That money could have been spent on humanitarian aid, infrastructure or even Greggs Reward Points. If you disagree with the position of the Armenian government and want to discuss things robustly after the show we'll be in the BIT's bar, eager for debate.


Local Heroes is on Friday 14th September, 8pm. Doors 7.15pm. Tickets are £7 and can be bought HERE.