Lightning Round | EscaPROV | Scratchpad

Throughout this season, we have been doing a blog series called “Lightning Round”, featuring all of the groups performing in Scratchpad, our brand new improv Scratch Night. This time up, EscaPROV were in the hot seat!

1. Tell us a bit about your performance and the group, how did the idea come about and who’s in it? 

We have devised an Improvised Escape Room show, with 4 participants and 1 game master, because when people are trapped in a room together tensions get high! How the idea came about and who’s credited for it is a hot debate within our troupe with different people claiming it was them! Essentially we all did the BIT’s Discovering / Performing courses together and one of our first social encounters outside the classroom was doing escape rooms together!

In our EscaPROV group is:
Oliver Shiels
Colin Thomas
Fernando Campione
Mills Owen
James Cottle
Nigel Jones

2. What inspired you to put it on at Scratchpad? 

We were already working on the format when Scratchpad got announced and the stress of a show deadline gave us the proverbial kick we needed!

3. How do you feel performing at a scratch night will benefit your show? 

Like any good TV show which is performed in front of a live studio audience we feel having a audience laugh track will be a good indicator of what we are doing right!

4. Which of the other groups are you looking forward to / have been enjoying during the Scratchpad performances?

We have been ejoying Anna Kemp and Paige Tummons’ Birdwatchers as our show is about the relationship of characters trapped in a room which is only a snippet of a life long relationship, which they are able to portray so well!

5. Where do you see the show going after you finish your run at Scratchpad

Hopefully a place on Broadway!

Scratchpad is on Wednesday 23rd October and Wednesday 20th November. It’s a Pay-What-You-Decide event and more info is here

We are closed in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Full information on our most recent blog post.