Improv Triple Bill | When It Rains | Cast Spotlight

When It Rains are one of the three excellent improv teams from Bristol that we have performing with us this Friday, alongside Helen and Friends Like These. In anticipation of their return to the BIT, we shone a spotlight on the cast of this new two-prov.


Take yourselves back to last July, It's 9pm and Beth Kerridge takes to the stage in the theatre, dressed in a raincoat and holding a walkie-talkie. Just a short distance away, Graham Johnson stands in the middle of the bar with his waterproof and holding the second walkie-talkie. When It Rains is about to happen for the first time, and these two are about to take the audience on a reflective exploration of their memories, without ever meeting.

When It Rains will be performed again this Friday at the Improv Triple Bill, but who are these intrepid improvisers guiding you through this special experience? Let's find out!

Graham Johnson

Graham is producer for When It Rains and Closer Each Day Company, and has performed in When It Rains, The Bristol Improv Marathon 2019, Time Plumbers and Chat-22. He directed Cut To The Flashback as part of The Unscripted Players Big April Show 2018.

"I love performing When It Rains as we get to go to deeper, more emotional places than I normally do in improv. In any given show we're just as likely to create tears as laughter and hearing we've created that kind of emotional response is incredible. I also love that it encourages the audience to discuss the show afterwards, adding a further human element to the experience."

Beth Kerridge

Beth is an improviser and sketch performer. As well as When It Rains, she is a member an original cast member of Up The Antics, Bristol Improv Theatre's 'This Is Your Musical', an improvised musical theatre show, a performer in children's improvised theatre shows, and other improv and sketch groups in Bristol. In her spare time, Beth enjoys making music and preparing for the obvious, impending zombie apocalypse.

"When It Rains is a very special show. It doesn't conform to any genre or expectation, it's improvised theatre in one of its purest forms. Also, being able to interpret someone else's memories is something I feel honoured to able to explore. It's a trust between the audience and the player. It's also a gift from the player to the audience as not only is the show different each time, half the audience see two different shows at the same time. It's truly exciting

One half of the show is just for that one half of the audience. They link but are never the same."

Graham and Beth discussing the show:


Improv Triple Bill is on Friday 12th April at 8pm. Doors and bar open from 7.15pm. Tickets are £7 and can be bought HERE.