The Bish Bosh Bash: Greatest Rivalries

In advance of The Bish Bosh Bash returning to the Bristol Improv Theatre this Friday (29th), the cast members fondly recollect some of their favorite great rivalries…

'Land vs Sea'

'Salt vs Sugar'

'The Terminator vs That other Terminator'

'Coke Zero vs Diet Coke'

'Jurassic Park vs Nature finding a way'

'People who think pineapple belongs on pizza vs people with taste'

'Jam vs Marmalade'

'Bread vs brioche'

'Elephant vs Castle'

'People who can finish a list vs-'

With the greatest battle of all, of course, being BISH vs BOSH!!

Join us Friday 29th for another round of hijinks!

Contributors: Ameria Yanni, Ros Beeson, Ste Brown, Cat Murphy


The Bish Bosh Bash is on Friday 29th March (tomorrow) and Friday 3rd May, 8pm. Doors and bar open from 7.15pm. Tickets are £7 and can be bought HERE.