International Women’s Day: Greatest Friendship Stories

Friends Like These explore friendships through storytelling and improv, weaving wonderful scenes and narratives from genuine anecdotes kindly supplied by the audience. They will be supporting Ria and Rhi this Friday for our International Women's Day special. In this blog, Imogen Palmer tells us about her friendship stories, and any gems from past shows!


In our show 'Friends Like These', we invite audience members to talk about some true stories of friendship which we then use to inspire some improvised scenes. These prompts include the following…

A time I went on an adventure with a friend…

When I was 13, one of my best friends and I decided we wanted to make the most of a surprise sunny day in early October by floating down the river from my house into town (about 5 miles). Instead of floating on, say, a raft or a canoe, we decided to embark on this quest using Lilos we purchased at Wilko's for £1.50. Things were going surprisingly ok until our vessels started to feel the journey and deflate into the water…As we arrived in town, we floated past some of the 'cool kids' from school having a BBQ. We decided not to say anything so they wouldn't notice us and hoped to silently float past. Unfortunately, we accidentally met eyes and ended up creepily floating past making eye contact and not saying a word. It was awkward.

A time I had a row with a friend

Travelling around Europe when I was 18 with the same friend as above, there were numerous highs and lows but the biggest row happened when I made myself a cup of tea and forgot to offer to make her one. Needless to say I learnt my lesson!

A time a friend came through for you

For this one, I'll share one of my favourite audience ones I have heard!

A guy shared a story about being 4 years old and his friend accidentally wetting himself on the playground in front of everyone and feeling very humiliated. In an incredible 'I Am Sparatcus' style moment of support, the next day the guy drank excessive amounts of water and wet himself on the playground. The sheer loyalty of this moment is just incredible!


International Women's Day Special featuring Ria and Rhi is on Friday 8th March, 8pm. Doors and bar open from 7.15pm. Tickets are £7 and can be bought HERE.