Get Involved

Improvisers are positive, accepting, bold, fun and playful… that's a pretty wonderful community to be part of. We present this handy guide of how to get involved with the BIT community, our art, socials and performances.

Getting started!

The best place to start is to sign up to our next Discovering Improv Class. It's a 6 week course with fifteen other eager participants – all people just like you! Once you've got the bug, you and your improv gang might want to come to our Theatre Jam Nights, and check out our other shows and classes.

Going UP!

If you're feeling more confident why not check out The Unscripted Players – the UK's first Improvised Amateur Dramatics Society! In addition to their seasonal main show, UP's "Improv Carousel" day is an exhilarating monthly meet-up where performers meet for the first time in the morning and perform a show in the evening!

Visit the Theatre!

During our seasons, we have something on at the Theatre nearly every Friday and Saturday, so come along to one of our many events and say hi! Our average ticket price is just £6… and many of our events are FREE!


Everything we do at the BIT is made possible by our fantastic and dedicated volunteers. They run the box office, set out the chairs and put up the posters! Volunteering at the BIT is a great chance to meet new people, see shows for free and learn a new skill, all in an evening. We could always use another pair of hands so if you would like to find out more about volunteering with the BIT, please contact Caitlin at

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