Friends Scheme

The Bristol Improv Theatre has evolved from a lively cultural arts hub where anyone can not only witness live theatre, but also learn, play, and perform in a really participatory atmosphere, due to our patrons’ support. Quite a few have been donating throughout the pandemic to keep us going and we cannot thank them enough for the continued support. Whilst we are in the process of applying to become a charity, we want to facilitate these donations in a more permanent way going forward via the Friends Scheme.

By becoming a Friend of the Bristol Improv Theatre, the money you donate will go towards continuing to keep our theatre open and thriving, supporting us into improving our valuable work by trying to get more people into improv who wouldn’t be able to afford to otherwise. You will help develop more spontaneous, creative and confident individuals by creation of more shows and classes.

“It’s fantastic to have people choose to support the theatre as Friends through this scheme. Every penny the theatre makes goes back into its operations, including the development of our community outreach programmes. We’re determined to find ways to engage more people with the transformative power of improv for connection, creativity, resilience, and fun – and the contribution of the Friends’ scheme really does make a difference.”

Kierann Shah – Artistic Director

What is the Friends Scheme?

The Friends Scheme is a philanthropic initiative for our theatre during these struggling times for the arts and theatre industry whilst returning to normal after the pandemic. We are a non profit limited company with charitable aims and this scheme would make a fantastic start for our journey on becoming a charity along with being another step for us to reach more audiences and get more people into improv.

As our friend, you will help nurture an engaging community by connecting with other improv aficionados at our exclusive quarterly pre show get togethers and get to meet more people who are passionate about improv as much as you are!

You can choose to make a regular donation of:

  • £5 a month
  • £10 a month
  • £15 a month
  • £20 a month

Whilst making a monthly donation would be the best option to help safeguard the future of the Bristol Improv Theatre, you can always choose to make a one-off donation or pay a little extra while making a purchase at our theatre.

Click on the button below to make a one-time donation.

As a thank you for all of the support we have received the last two years, we will be hosting a big summer party on the 20th August for all our friends, donors and members of this wonderful community.

There will be complimentary prosecco, pizza and entertainment. Get your free entry passes here!