Limited time offers!
Flash Sale 2020

Flash Sale | January 2020

We are once again taking part in the cultural flash sale, across Bristol and Bath. Read below for all of the events from us and our recommendations in this limited time sale!

Between 10am Wednesday 15th January to 10am Thursday 16th January, We are offering 25% off these events and courses using the promo code FLASH20

The RH Experience Fri 24th Jan – £7.50 (£10)

The Antics Joke Show Sat 25th Jan – £5.25 (£7)

Improvised Sherlock Holmes Fri 31st Jan – £7.50 (£10)

The Bish Bosh Bash Fri 7th Feb – £7.50 (£10)

Dirty Picnic Club Sun 9th Feb – £5.25 (£7)

Love is in The BIT Fri 14th Feb – £7.50 (£10)

IMOGENÉ Thur 20th Feb – £5.25 (£7)

This Is Your Musical Fri 21st Feb – £7.50 (£10)

The Dragprov Revue Fri 29th Feb – £7.50 (£10)

When in Rome: Bristol Improv Marathon 2020 Fri 13th – Sat 14th Mar – £11.25 (£15)

We are also offering buy one get one free tickets to Tales of Adventure (Thur 16th Jan) and a limited amount of 25% off spaces on our 6-week Discovering Improv Bath course starting on Sunday 1st March.

In brackets is the face value for each event. Please see below for more information on all shows included in the sale.

No offer can be applied to tickets already purchased

Tales of Adventure – Thursday 16th January
£7 – Buy One Get One Free

Buy one get one free to this unique show that combines improvised comedy with role-playing games, featuring live illustration as our adventurers set out on their epic quest!

The RH Experience Presents: Stuck – Friday 24th January
£7.50 – 25% off Face Value of £10

YouTube megastars and Bristol favourite The RH Experience are bringing their 5-star show Stuck back to the Bristol Improv Theatre for one night only. Inspired by conversations with the audience, Stuck tells the story of three characters trapped together by fate.

Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock HolmesFriday 31st January
£7.50 – 25% off Face Value of £10

No script Sherlock! Packed with shady villains, red herrings and the brilliant deductions of London’s great detective.

The Bish Bosh Bash – Friday 7th February
£7.50 – 25% off face value of £10

The feisty improvisers from Team Bish and Team Bosh will go head-to-head chasing glory, honour and the audience’s love, in this extravaganza of games, songs and scenes.

Will you support Team Bish or Team Bosh?

Dirty Picnic Club Sunday 9th February
£5.25 – 25% off face value of £7

Part improv performance, part hidden camera show, part social experiment. Get your hands dirty and join the club.

Love Is In The BIT – Friday 14th February
£7.50 – 25% off face value of £10

Expect gameshow-style hijinks, Blind Date-worthy puns, made up serenades, and at least one genuine instance of love at first sight (guaranteed).

IMOGENÉ Thursday 20th February
£5.25 – 25% off face value of £7

IMOGENÉ is an over-the-top diva, on the brink of pop immortality, who needs the audience’s help to make a brand new groundbreaking album…tonight! ‘Camp, outrageous and wickedly funny’.

This Is Your Musical – Friday 21st February
£7.50 – 25% off face value of £10

A cast of professional actors and a team of talented musicians produce a brand-new, hilarious, smash-hit musical inspired by YOUR stories, live before your very eyes.

The Dragprov Revue – Friday 29th February
£7.50 – 25% off face value of £10

Serving you wit as sharp as their contour; jinks as high as their brows; memories that will stick with you longer than last night’s glitter, we present The Dragprov Revue.

Discovering Improv (Bath) – Sunday 1st March – Sunday 5th April
£74.25 – 25% off face value of £99. Limited to two spaces only!

The BIT’s introductory beginners course. A gentle introduction to the wonderful world of improvisation comes to Bath!

When In Rome: Bristol Improv Marathon 2020
Friday 13th to Saturday 14th March
£11.25 – 25% off face value of £15

Closer Each Day Company, in association with The Bristol Improv Theatre, present their annual 26-hour long improv marathon! A team of 30 performers will take to the stage in this narrative improvised show, which is not only a test of our performers’ skill … but also their stamina. This year, we are heading to ancient Rome.

Hand-picked recommendations:

The Antics Joke Show – Saturday 25th January
£5.25 – 25% off face value of £7

Up The Antics bring their hit monthly comedy genre variety show to the Bristol Improv Theatre, with headliners The Biscuit Barrel!

SS Great Britain Lates – 15th May, 25th June and 20th August
50% off

Museums at Night, 17 May 2018.

Explore Brunel’s SS Great Britain after-hours with music and drinks this summer

The Neutral Puppet Workshop at Puppet Place
Sat 29th Feb – Sun 1st Mar | 9:30AM
10% off

A professional 2 day workshop designed to introduce the fundamentals of breathing life into the inanimate and core principles of puppetry. Led by David McGoran, Rusty Squid

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