Favourite Sci-Fi Improv Moments | Project 2 | November

With Project 2 travelling at warp-speed to perform in Bristol on Friday, sci-fi lover and our marketing manager Luke has written some of his favourite moments from improvised sci-fi shows that he has either seen or participated in.

1. Boogie on the Bridge

I used to perform in an improvised Star Trek show called “Spon Trek” with Real Positive Poles. We were doing the support slot for the brilliant Rhapsodes a couple of years ago. Everything was going well, but we felt as though we had hit a lot of narrative moves very early on.

I think my cast-mate Theo felt this because he just walked forwards to centre stage and said “computer, play some … music”. We used a god-mic to sing into from backstage and what followed was the best possible dance break. 

2. Clockwork Town 

I’m going to cheat here and mention a rehearsal. With the same group as above, I used to perform an improvised version of The Twilight Zone called “After Dusk”. We were doing a run at a rehearsal, and we (on purpose) were performing everything very mechanically. It later became apparent that our protagonist was stuck in a town filled with clockwork people and when she realised the truth, her memory was wiped and the day began again.

3. Dystopian World 

Last time I saw Project 2, I was blown away by the first scene they performed. Chris and Katy played two characters who were low status workers in a dystopian society. Their characters were so real and believable that you were instantly rooting for them to find some burgeoning hope in this bleak world. A world brilliantly illustrated in their dialogue. 

Project 2 is on Friday 29th November at 8pm. Tickets are £10 and can be purchased here.

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