FAQs for Pitching an Unscripted Players Show

Pitching is now open for the Unscripted Players Big November Show so we thought we’d give you a handy guide to some of the questions we get asked about the process of putting on these shows and what to expect if you want to throw your hat in the ring!

How long are pitches open for?

Pitches for the Unscripted Players Big Show will be open for 2 weeks.

What happens after I pitch for a show?

Once closed, the pitches will be reviewed by the Artistic Director, Programmes and Productions Manager and an UP volunteer. We will then let the two successful pitches know in the week after pitches close.

If I pitch a show but want someone else to Direct is that allowed?
Yes, absolutely, if you have another person in mind to Direct other than yourself, you can add that into your application.

What does support from the theatre for UP shows actually look like?

  • 8 weeks of free rehearsal space in the Bristol Improv Theatre
  • The director of an UP show will be key holder trained with the Bristol Improv Theatre
  • Auditions will be run by a Theatre School Facilitator with Directors present
  • The first rehearsal will also be run by a Theatre School Facilitator for both shows to have a ‘getting to know you’ session during week 1
  • A supported dress rehearsal and tech rehearsal in week 9
  • Directors can reach out to the Programmes and Productions Manager Ros at any point during the rehearsal run to discuss their show and run ideas for rehearsals by her
  • The Bristol Improv Theatre will open its doors for one production build day on a Saturday afternoon where anyone from UP can help with crafting any needed production elements such as painting for props or set etc*

*please note the theatre is unable to provide the support for set or costume elements involving woodwork, metal work or creating costumes.

Do Directors have a budget for an UP show?

Yes, Directors are given a £100 budget to buy props, costume pieces and sets.

If I’m interested in volunteering for Tech but have no experience, what support will I get?

If you volunteer for Tech, you will be given training on Bristol Improv Theatre lighting and sound equipment by a trained staff member. You will then be supported during the tech rehearsal by an external tech the theatre will bring in.

Does my show have to be comedic?

No, if you have an idea for a show that is not comedic in nature this will be just as welcome as any other pitch – in fact one of our previous UP shows selected ‘What A Difference A Friend Makes ’ had serious themes at its core and was incredibly thought provoking!

What are the important dates I need to know?

Open for pitching: Monday 18th July – Friday 29th July
Auditions: 28th August
Rehearsals: (Sunday’s 2-5pm) 11th September – 6th November
Production Build Day: 29th October
Tech Rehearsal: 9th November
Show Week: 11th & 12th November

Do you have a fantastic idea for our Unscripted Players Big November Show? Head to the Unscripted Players homepage to fill in our pitching form and put your suggestion forward!