Zones Of Avoidance

Monday 2nd October 8pm

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Join us for an evening of theatre and discussion as part of Bristol Takes Drugs Seriously, a week of events and activity organised by the Bristol-based Transform Drug Policy Foundation.

Zones of Avoidance is an award-winning production which explores a mother’s quest to understand her daughter’s descent into addiction.

At the heart of the story is ‘Sunny Girl’, whose substance misuse triggers schizophrenia, with devastating consequences.

Fusing the real life testimonies of addicts in recovery with vivid language and evocative film, this multimedia work gives a powerfully moving account of a mother caught up in the drama of her daughter’s addiction, taking her to a place of tough love… and then beyond.

Written and performed by Maggie Sawkins, directed by Mark C. Hewitt with video sequences by Abigail Norris.

Winner of the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry

This is an ambitious multimedia presentation using film, voices and sound, which works exceptionally well. It is a challenging, painfully open account of a daughter’s addiction, yet it’s an account which also offers graceful good humour. Beautifully written and uncompromising, it’s a modern story that we felt the writer was compelled to tell; it acts as a vivid witness of harsh experiences which aren’t often described in poetry, and Maggie Sawkins’ illuminating descriptions will prove helpful for others to hear.
Denise Riley

Pulls you in and makes you hold your breath…
Zella Compton, Portsmouth News

I’ve never been so effected by a poetry performance as I was during this one. It was so beautifully haunting, honest and devastating – I hung on every word, image and sound.
Audience Feedback