Yes And, Minister

Friday 12th January 8pm

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Tonight, the future of the country is in your hands!

Two rival parties will lay out their policies, answer your questions, and face the judgement of the people as YOU vote the next leader into power.

You'll meet citizens of the country and see how the decision you make will affect their lives. And have some fun on the way.

Join David Dimbleby and Co. for an election that will go down in the annals of history!

With Support From:

The Same Faces (And Friends)
Joining us from Leicester, The Same Faces will be joined by friends from other Midlands' troupes, joining forces to deliver some daft scenes based on suggestions from you.

A single word will inspire an opening, from which the players will take idea gems, and turn them into hilarious sketches.

"An endless feast of brilliant improv."
A Small Mind at the Theatre

"Short-form Improv done the way short-form should be done."
Improv London