Workshop: The Movie

Saturday 19th August 1pm - 6pm

This event is now over. Check the What's On for upcoming events!

Led by C3Something, this class centers on the improvised longform 'The Movie'.

This is the final improv format created by famed US teacher Del Close, which he did in conjunction with legendary improv team, The Family.

The Movie isn't just an improv form, it's a whole new way to improvise. Both highly visual, demanding absolute commitment, and requiring everyone on stage to be fully invested the whole time.

The class will simultaneously learn how to find games in classic and contemporary movie genres, while simulating film-making techniques like camera angles and editing on live on-stage.

Students will be expected to have seen at least one movie before class.


C3Something (pronounced See Three Something) is a production company run by comedians and partners in legal activities Carleen Macdermid, Keith Malda and Shem Pennant.

Specialising in improv, they organise popular shows, classes and jams for improvisers across London and have had the pleasure to play and teach at festivals across Europe and the US.