Workshop: Improvise Like A Real American A**Hole

Thursday 4th May 7pm - 10pm

This event is now over. Check the What's On for upcoming events!

With Kaci Beeler and Curtis Luciani

In this fast-paced and fun workshop you'll practice taking up space, taking hold of the audience, and loving the hell out of yourself and the work you do onstage.

Does this kind of focus make you an asshole? (Arsehole?) In the wrong hands, YES, but in the loving embrace of Kaci Beeler and Curtis Luciani (award-winning actors, playwrights, and improvisers from Austin, TX), these principles will make everyone in the room light up with delight.

Harness the kind of energy that keeps audiences hungry for more and makes you and your scene partners feel connected, confident, and inspired!


Kaci Beeler is an improviser, playwright, and stage and film actor based out of Austin, TX. She has been performing improvisational theatre weekly since 2003 with her ensembles Parallelogramophonograph, Available Cupholders, and her duo The Amazon & The Milksop.

Kaci has toured to over 50 cities and 8 countries including the UK, China, Korea, France, Spain, and Japan to perform and teach improv. She was named Best Actor/Actress in the Austin Chronicle "Best of Austin" Awards (2012 and 2016). Her on-screen credits include HBO's THE LEFTOVERS, MY ALL AMERICAN opposite Aaron Eckhart, and ROOSTER TEETH's critically-acclaimed series DAY 5.

She's excited to be back at The **official** BIT!

Curtis Luciani is a writer, actor, comedian and longtime Austin, Texas resident. You can find him performing with his sketch comedy troupe Your Terrific Neighbors and in improv duo The Amazon & The Milksop.

His previous work includes monthly shows The Hustle Show, The Encyclopedia Show, his plays Subject to Control and For Time & Eternity: The Secret History of Mormonism's Elect Lady and Her Sister Wives, and many productions at The Hideout Theatre. You can also check out his podcast, Marginalia.