Unscripted Players Weekly Workshop

Monday 8th October 7:30pm - 9:30pm

This event is now over. Check the What's On for upcoming events!

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Members Tickets

To purchase a member’s ticket for this workshop (£5) please enter the code UP_MEMBER at checkout.

Learn new skills, explore, and have fun.

This weekly improv drop in is the perfect chance to get acquainted with the Unscripted Players, the Bristol Improv Theatre’s amateur improv company.

Open to everyone, these drop-in workshops are suitable for beginners and up (no pun intended), taught by local and visiting instructors.

Each week brings a new workshop to stretch your improv muscles, learn new skills and meet a load of fantastic, friendly people.


John Gallagher began performing in Aberystwyth in 2011. He moved to Bristol in 2016 where he joined the Bristol Improv Theatre, The Unscripted Players, and Kitchen Rules Theatre. He has performed with a number of improv troupes including 'The Inheritance', 'Macronaughts', 'Scenes To An End', 'The Billy Boys', 'The Cuckolds', and his one man show, 'One Board Man'. John regularly performs and coaches in Bristol, and has performed at numerous venues such as Hoopla, The Free Association, The Nursery, Nottingham Comedy Festival, Amsterdam Improv Marathon, and The Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe Festivals. He has trained with teachers from Upright Citizens Brigade, Improv Olympic, and The Free Association.