Time Travels with Project 2

Saturday 9th September 1pm - 4pm

This event is now over. Check the What's On for upcoming events!

A special workshop on using time to tell stories in a non-linear way, led by Project 2.

In this session, you'll learn tools for using flashbacks, exploring possible futures, interacting with older and younger versions of characters and (This is important, Marty!) how to keep your timeline consistent with itself.

Using the tools of Time Travel will help you tell more creative stories in more ways than ever before.


Project2 improvise science fiction stories. The dialogue, the plot, the characters, the score and the tech.

Their work has nods to Firefly, Back to the Future, Blade Runner, Doctor Who, Shaun of the Dead and every sci-fi you have ever watched.

You might get something moody like Solaris, or something fun and silly like Futurama, or something elsewhere on that famous Solaris-Futurama scale.

Project2 are character-led, truthful and faithful to the infinite genre of Science Fiction.

WARNING: May contain robots*

"I don't give a shit about sci-fi, but I could watch these guys for hours."
Susan Messing

*Will contain robots. Almost certainly.